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Sharkoon DarkGlider mouse & FireGlider mousemat Review



Price: Around €40

With this Sharkoon has brought a very good mouse on the market. It has a nice design aswell as a very ergonomic one. The features and included accesoires are all quite usefull and all that you can get for a small price of about 40 euros. Only one major thing I disliked about the mouse and that is the software. It has some issues and lacks comfort to work with.


  • Nice design;
  • very comfortable;
  • rubber coat, gives extra grip too;
  • high DPI, 6000DPI;
  • the ceramic feet make the mouse slide around very well;
  • weight system;
  • extra feet are included aswell as a lan party bag.


  • The software isn't worked out very well. We notice some issues and small details that should've been fixed;
  • the USB cable is badly connected to the USB connector. The cable is actually naked;
  • the backlight's colour of the LCD should also change together with the LED's colour.


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It has a nice design aswell

It has a nice design aswell as a very ergonomic one.

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