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Leetgion Hellion Gaming mouse Review



MSRP: €65

First of all we have to consider that this is the first mouse from Leetgion, a subbrand from the well known Thermalright, and that the result certainly doesn't show that. Even though the Hellion mouse stands out in many games like FPS for example where it can help you dominate the game, it is designed for RTS games, more specificaly for StarCraft II. That also kind of gives away where it got its name from.. In StarCraft II they discribe their Hellion Unit like this: "The Hellion is a high-speed raider built around a lightweight four-wheel chassis. Hellions are capable of causing damage disproportionate to their size, particularly against enemy infantry, thanks to their heavy Infernal Flame Throwers. Additionally, their remarkable acceleration allows for improvisational tactics in the field. Some Hellion drivers will deliberately outrun their enemies only to turn and attack when they have reached maximum range. The low cost, exceptional agility, and devastating firepower of these vehicles have made them extremely popular with mercenary companies." We can find some great similarities in this description with the mouse. It gives very good performance because of everything the mouse has to offer, plus, it doesn't cost that extremely much compared to other mice out there on the market. The mouse might not appeal awesome to some people, but as I like its looks, the way it helped me in game by boosting my gaming skills and because it offers great functionality overall, I certainly think it is, Awesome.


  • Unique design;
  • sturdy build quality;
  • the 'Attack' button;
  • on the fly DPI up to 5000DPI;
  • different profiles;
  • very userfriendly software;
  • the mouse might seem uncomfortable, but it isn't;
  • extra skates are included.


  • All LED's should change together with the tail light colour in the software;
  • The Attack button shouldn't have been a Cherry MX Blue button. It has made it feel cheap and loose.


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It gives very good

It gives very good performance because of everything the mouse has to offer.

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