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Why would you donate to CCReviews?

If you find yourself asking this question, we have an answer that may help you with your decision.

As you may already know, we get samples of hardware to review directly from their respective companies for little or no cost. You may think that CCReviews gets everything it needs for free and that we don't need any money to keep making great reviews. Unfortunatly, there are costs we have to take care of to continue running CCReviews, which is why your help would be greatly appreciated! If you donate, your donation will go directly towards paying for this very website and making improvements. We can also use funds to invest in better filming tools, professional-grade hardware we can't normally obtain, and it can also give us an opportunity to attend hardware conventions on which we will provide journalistic coverage in future videos! In general ANY donation, no matter how much, will help CCReviews continue to grow and bring you quality hardware reviews.

And oh yeah, did we mention that a donation higher than €20 will make us make a 'Thank you for your donation' video on YouTube in which we will mention your name?

If you have any questions you can ask them in the forums or email us at or

Thanks for your time and we hope you think about making a donation!


The CCReviews team

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