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Plantronics Gamecom 380 Stereo Headset Review

Author: Gerben "Dlete" Magnus

Final edit: Karel Boon


Allright guys and girlies it’s me again, Gerben, and today we’ll be taking a look at the Plantronics Gamecom 380.


Packaging makes the first impression and to be honest, the one here doesn’t look really brilliant or fancy but it does the trick. It is a pain in the ass to open the package but we can’t want it all can we?


At the back side there are a couple of specifications mentioned like the cable length and some more like that.


Like you can see on the picture, the headset looks quite neat.

The glossy look on the earcups is the first thing that I noticed and that makes it look cracking. The metal bars make it look fragile but that’s not the case at all.


Aside from housing the speakers, the earcups have another function as well, the height adjustment system hides in the earcups. That’s obviously a cool feature.


The cushions of the earcups aren’t made out of the leather-ish fabric and that’s a downer, I know out of experience that in a matter of time they become dirty and filled with hair and that’s not so great.

The earcups go around your ears very comfortably and apply a solid amount of pressure so the headset stays on your head when you would -for any reason- shake your head, they ‘ll move a bit but they won’t fall off. The headset in total is a lightweight, so no worries about long sessions.


The earcups can be turned flat, so transport to your mates’ lan-party will be no problem. Also the headset is really flexible so whether you’re big or small headed, it will fit.


On the left side earcup the microphone is attached. The microphone can be adjusted to all kind of angels and those are noted on the earcup.


On the backside there’s a volume control wheel and a mute switch for the microphone. The idea behind this works but you look a bit like a dog scratching behind his ear when you want a little more sound. The system works perfectly though, the volume wheel turns smoothly and the mute switch works like a charm as well.


That brings us to the headband; The headband has ‘Gamecom’ written on it and the cushion underneath might seem small but it does the trick.  The headset plugs into your pc with two 3.5 millimeter plugs at the end of a two meter long cable, which is normally more than sufficient.

The most important for me personally is sound, and the sound on this is great, you really have the feeling that you’re in the middle of whatever you’re listening to.  The volume can go so loud, it’s possible to use the headset as a speaker. I wouldn’t advise doing that a lot though because after a while the speakers might break because that’s not what it’s made for to do constantly. That would be a waste of a great headset.  The microphone has proper quality and the noise cancelling works just fine.


The headset looks decent, functional and most of all, cool. It fits great on your head, its light, bendable and the sound quality is superb whilst in game, watching movies or listening to any sort of music. The market price is € 49.99 and that’s a neat deal. If you are looking for a practical headset and you’re on a budget, this one is the one to buy. I wish we had a “Good Deal” label because I would have given it two. So to summarize Karel, make a “Good Deal” award and the award for this one is with no doubt the awesome award!

MSRP: €49.99


  • Excellent sound;
  • lightweight;
  • good microphone quality;
  • stretching is no problem;
  • price quality is amazing;
  • functional design;
  • plug and play;
  • volume


  • You look a bit weird when you want more volume;
  • no USB connection so pc only;
  • cushions will get dirty after a while.


If you have any questions, leave a comment here or head over to the forums. For direct contact you can always E-mail me at .

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That award

Yeah.. I've thought about making that award before.. Still didn't get someone to design it. I'll have a look into it ;)

Nice review btw, Gerben.

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that award

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Wow! these headphones are really great! It really fits to headphone collectors and enthusiasts. Nice!


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