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Cooler Master Silent Pro Hybrid 850W PSU Review



MSRP: 850W: €200; 1050W: €250; 1300W: €300

This brilliant power supply gives so much more than just power. The most obvious part to point this out with is the included fan controller which doesn't only allow you to change system-fan speeds, but also the speed of the power supply's fan.  With the power supply itself I wasn't able to find anything wrong; it seems perfect. Perhaps it would've been nice to see it within lower Wattage ranges aswell. That would be perfect for HTPC's for example, they don't always really need such strong power supplies, but the hybrid feature (passive-active cooling) this PSU gives is perfect for an HTPC because that are the kind of PC systems who need silent components.


  • Silent;
  • fan controller that can also control 3 system fans;
  • hybrid cooling (active-passive);
  • fully modular;
  • flat cables;
  • very efficient;
  • good build quality;
  • very nicely designed.


  • The PSU should've been available also in lower Wattages.


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