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Antec P280 Case Review



Price: Around €120

Here we have another example of a great case with good worked out features and design. For a reasonable price you get a good quality case, the P280 from Antec. Various features like the cable management, the design, the fact that you can still install a fan controller wit knobs even though there's a door, and so on, show that this case is better than many others that are on the market for around the same price.

In the video we also take a quick look at the Antec Lanboard, a very neat accessory for LAN parties. You should be able to find this for around 20 to 25 euros.


  • Great design;
  • silent;
  • fan controller;
  • good airflow and good airflow options;
  • noise dampening material;
  • dustfilters that are easy to clean
  • very good cable management;
  • a lot of room to work in when building a system;
  • toolless design.


  • The sidepanels don't always open easily


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