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#65: Antec High Current Gamer PSU Review




  • HCG-620Watt: 110 EUR
  • HCG-750Watt: 150 EUR
  • HCG-900Watt: 170 EUR

The High Current Gamer power supply from Antec provides very stable power while powering a lot of devices at the same time. It gives the option to install 2 graphics cards with each 2 8pin PCI-e power connections for example which for a PC enthousiast or a gamer is really awesome. Now appart from the nice aesthetics and the silent fan there's the fact that it's not modular what some people like me dislike and there's also that it's only got a bronze certification, not a silver or gold. But other than that it has what pretty much any computer enthousiast needs.

  • True and continuous power;
  • very flexibel cables;
  • SLI / crossfire ready;
  • silent;
  • nice design.


  • Not modular;
  • Only up to 88% efficiency.


Antec (
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