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About CCReviews

Founded on the 19th of Februari 2010 as a hobby by Karel Boon and Maurits van den Boogaard. CCReviews was first based on its YouTube channel and uploaded hardware reviews and other PC hardware related videos. Since then CCReviews has grown and on the 7th of April 2011 CCReviews officially launched its website Later in 2011 Maurits decided to quit reviewing as he lacked time. He made his final review in Januari 2012.

CCReviews's goal is to provide unbiased, accurate and informative hardware reviews aswell as replying to questions as fast as possible.



The Staff


Karel Boon

Function: Co-founder, reviewer & editor-in-chief

Status: Active

Other Functions: Website maintenance, PR



Maurits van den Boogaard

Function: Co-founder & reviewer

Status: Inactive




Gerben Magnus

Function: Reviewer

Status: Active

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